Small Meetings . . . Where the Real Work Gets Done

Small meetings, especially during cliental trails, are where the real work gets done. This is where decisions about what’s import and what isn’t are made, what messages are essential and must be conveyed are. While these meetings are usually small and informal, they are the back bone of the business at hand.

Yet, all too often they are treated as insignificant. Budgets for these meets are minuscule. Too often technical support for these meetings are simply overlooked. Audio reinforcement, such as speakers, microphones, and recordings aren’t even considered. The information of the people who are unable to attend is ignored when a simple WebEx could bring vital information to the fore. Text and graphics are too often projected or delivered with substantially less than adequate attention.

At ZKI we understand the significance and important of these smaller meetings. We put as much effort and attention in to these meetings as we do for the plenary sessions. Every consideration is made to make the message easy to understand and memorable. It is our responsibility to see that the message is delivered with the highest quality possible. We take that responsibility seriously.

Summit Management