Our Services


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ZKI Communications offers a wealth of products and services to ensure your presentations are well received, interesting and memorable.

It begins with great staging. No matter the quality of your information, if your intended audience cannot accurately see or hear what you are trying to communicate, your message is literally falls upon deaf ears. 

  • We believe in planning.

  • We start with a “to-scale floor plan” of each venue

    • We analyze the safety features of each room

    • We analyze the comfort factors of each room

  • We analyze the viewing options

  • We analyze the audio options to ensure the best sound reinforcement the venue can deliver


After these functions are analyzed and the room are found to be suitable, we then begin the process of specifying the technical equipment need to produce a high-quality event.

Then we consider which options and embellishments might improve your event and experience and make recommendations accordingly.

Aside from the essential elements of event production, we take into consideration those items that may well improve your return on investment, improve audience assimilation, and over all event experience.

  • 2nd screen technology

  • Audience Response System

  • Recordings

    • Audio

    • Synchronized audio with slides

    • Synchronized Audio, Slides, and video

    • Translated audio

  • Confidence monitors

  • Fold-back audio monitors for Q&A responses

  • Automatic, gated mixers

  • Push-to-talk microphones

  • Lighting

  • Décor

  • Candid Event Photography for you events for your use in:

    • Educations

    • Promotions

    • New Letters

    • Social Media

    • Compliance

  • Presentation Review

  • PowerPoint Assistance

  • Speaker Training