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With every communications project comes an opportunity to make the world a little less cluttered, a little easier to understand.



At ZKI Communications, we begin the process by immersing ourselves in our client’s environment and working hard to define their quintessential uniqueness. Then, we turn that knowledge into clear pictures of who our client’s are, what they’re thinking about and what they offer with easy to understand, memorable messages.



Creating impactful communications that get through the maze of rhetoric, and over the cacophony of poorly produced messages requires vision, creativity and years of practice – a special combination not easily acquired.

No one complains about the lack of available data. The problem is that most of it is senseless, dull and boring messages. 
It bombards us daily and confounds our ability to make intelligent decisions. The world would be a better place with better communications.

At ZKI Communications we make messages easy to understand and memorable.



In June of 1989, our company was founded on the belief that we were uniquely capable of producing high quality, easy to understand, memorable messages.

Changes in the economy had put the market in flux. Businesses found themselves caught in the paradox of a growing need to communicate and dwindling budgets with which to do it.

At ZKI Communications we make messages easy to understand and memorable.

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In a small, well run production company listening isn’t difficult to do. The shorter the distance between the client’s lips and the producer’s ears the better the quality of listening, attention to detail and the end product. In many companies the filtering system, between you and the producer is the problem. When producers are removed from the listening process the 
message is too often confused.

When salespeople are sent to listen, they hear what is important to them. They make their notes accordingly and report to the creative director a condensed version of what they heard.

The creative director does the same. It’s like playing the children’s game Telephone. By the time the message gets to the people who have to respond, the message has been condensed, overly filtered – it’s seldom the messge with which you started. 

That’s not the way it’s done at ZKI Communications.Our clients talk directly to the people who do the work – from the client’s lips to the producer’s ears. It’s a simple concept, but one that many companies feel they do not need, or cannot afford

We think differently.

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