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At ZKI Communications, we specialize in international presentation support to the medical community. We understand the special needs of these unique presentations, their requirements and the technology needed to make your presentations flawless.



Corporate communications differ from other communications, primarily because the audience is different. Here you are usually talking to people you know; they're not the general public and you're not advertising to them.

Here you are communicating a message to a group of people with special interests. They are often your employees, staff, customers and even vendors. The way you communicate to them requires specialized talent.

At ZKI Communications, we've been working with corporations to make their messages easy to understand and memorable for many years. Let us tell youwhat we know about this unique market and listen to what our clients think about our contribution to their corporate communications.


If everyone were good at it, there wouldn’t be all the ear and eye pollution that fills our mail boxes, TVs and radios day after day. If you have something to say and you’d like it said clearly, have it understood and remembered, we should talk.

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Medical presentations need special consideration. They are serious business. The information is often critcal, even life giving. There is no room for poor communications here. 

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Once you've established your goal, accessed the technical needs required to accomplish your goal, then you can access the technical skills and talent required to meet adequate levels of performance. It is then that we can talk intelligently about costs, not before. 

 The process is generally pretty much the same for accessing the needs to accomplish any goal and its related costs. There is a logical, systematic, scientific process that has stood the test of time. It must be addressed. The process begins with defining the client’s needs and expectations. Then figuring out just what it will take to meet the client’s expectations. Will he be happy with less or does he require more? What level of performance of going to please your customer?

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